How to Use Powerpoint 2007?

PowerPoint 2007 is similar to using the 2003 version. The primary difference is the added features. You can either create a presentation from scratch, use a pre-installed template or download a template from Microsoft. Once you have decided on the template, begin typing your introduction on the first line. This is what the presentation topic. A presentation is a brief overview of the topics to be discussed. For example a presentation on ‘How to buy a house’ may included the topic of Saving for the downpayment, Pre-Approved methods, etc… Each topic can have sub-topics provides additional pointers. Saving for a Down payment/Applying the 10/10/80 rule, etc… It is a good idea to make a list on paper as to not lose your train of thought. Next you can add animation to the screen for eye appeal as well as apply page transition to the slide (fade, roll out). After you have completed the presentation, save it. Make sure to save it as a 2003 ppt because not everyone has the 2007 upgrade and they will not be able to display your presentation.