How to Use An iPod Shuffle?

To use the ipod shuffle, you’ll need to plug your usb cord that came with it into your computer and your ipod. Then make sure your ipod shuffle is set to off, you’ll want to make sure the lights on the ipod are showing that it’s charging. If you don’t see a light, make sure the usb is plugged into a port and not a hub. Leave it connected to your computer to fully charge for 3 hours. After that, itunes should automatically launch once it detects the ipod shuffle so you can start adding your music by dragging and dropping it into the ipod folder. When you are done adding music, make sure it’s done syncing before disconnecting the usb cord. Now you’re ready to listen to some music! Connect your headphones to the jack, turn the ipod shuffle on and press the play button in the middle! When you want to remove or re-add music, make sure the shuffle is off. You can do this by pressing the off button.