How to use a sewing machine ?

Things You’ll Need: Fabrics Scrap Fabrics Sewing Machine Needles Spool Of Threads Pair Scissors Step 1: Read the owner’s manual that came with your machine and familiarize yourself with its various parts and capabilities. Step 2: Raise needle to its highest position by turning handwheel at the right of the machine toward you. Make sure that the needle you are using is the correct size for the fabric you are sewing. Step 3: Raise presser foot. Step 4: Thread sewing machine and pull top and bottom threads to the right and back of the machine. Step 5: Place layers of fabric to be sewn to the left and underneath the raised presser foot. Step 6: Position fabric so that the distance between the fabric edges and the needle is equal to the required seam allowance. Step 7: Lower presser foot onto positioned fabric and move machine handwheel toward you until needle pierces the fabric. Step 8: Begin stitching by pressing on machine foot pedal and gently guiding fabric as it is pulled to the back of the machine. Try not to exert any pressure on fabric other than what is needed to evenly guide fabric in as accurate a stitching line as possible. Step 9: End stitching by raising needle to its highest position. Step 10: Raise presser foot and pull stitched fabric out and to the left. Step 11: Cut bottom and top threads in order to release fabric.