How to Train Your Boyfriend?

Why waste your time trying to train your boyfriend when you can just find another one who is into you enough to do what you ask. If you have your heart set on keeping him and he isn’t doing what you would like then ask the question, is he into you? I have found that most men will do what you want if you let them know what it is you expect. That means open communication between the two of you. If he isn’t thinking about your needs (as long as you think of his too) then move on. There are so many men out there why are you willing to settle for one who clearly doesn’t care. Pick the traits you want and then find someone with those traits. It’s possible I have done it and I didn’t settle. I was asked so many times what I was looking for by my friends and coworkers and I told them my list. I found everything that was on that list so you can to. The only thing is you have to kiss alot of frogs to find him. But once you do, you will be extremely happy and never move on again.