How to Tie a Lasso?

Step 1: Tie a knot at the end of your rope. Step 2: Create an overhand knot by making a large loop with the rope and pass the rope’s end under and through to create a pretzel shape. Be sure to leave enough room at the end! Tighten the knot so there is only a small loop. Step 3: Take the end of the rope and make another loop. Pass the end of the rope back through the overhand knot. The rope should be going close to the end of the rope. Step 4: Pull both ends of the rope pushing up on the bottom knot as your pull. You should have a well-formed loop. Level out the bottom of the knot head so that it is a straight line. Step 5: Finish by passing the ends of the rope through the loop and this will create a loop that is perfect for lassoing. Look here for more information: