How to Test a Thermocouple?

Testing the stability of your thermocouple by using a ohmmeter and digital thermometer. The opposition of the two wires on your thermocouple at the end, shuld at most, be at one omh. Plug your thermocouple into a digital thermometer with the plug that is already attached to your thermocouple. (Note on wires: Blue= positive while red= negetive.) Check temperature one- Drop your thermocouple and conected thermometer into a container of water and place it into the freezer for a hour then return and check the tempureture and write it down. Then do the same as instructed above but with hot boiling water on the stove top. After you collect all your tempertures this will allow you to read any errors that may be happening between your thermocouple and digital thermometer. Remeber: 32 degrees fehrenheit is freezing while 212 degrees fehrenheit is boiling.