How to Take Off Door Panel?

Thats usually not a really hard process on most any vehicle first you want to make sure there are no screws,sometimes they are hidden undercovers around the door handle,armrest,top corner close to rearview mirror,or bottm outer and inner corners of door.After that be sure there is no plastic pop off trim that needs to be remove before you start releasing the retaining clips behind the panel,You can actually pick up a door panel removal tool to reach behind the panel and unsnap the plastic retianing clips,at most auto parts stores.Be carefull and slowly work your way around the door poppinng the clips off!!!WARNING!!! keep your eye on them sometimes they like to fly off to unfindable places after you get all that gently raise the panel from the window seat and disconnect any electrical connections.BE sure you mark them with tape you know where they go back.And that’s it..DONE