How to Take Care of Wild Baby Rabbits?

Wild baby rabbits need to be kept warm. You can keep them on a towel in a box. Put the box on top of a heating pad set on low. Do not put the heating pad directly in the box, it may burn the little babies. They also need to eat. Use an eyedropper to feed a special milk that your vet or pet store can provide you that contains essential nutrients for baby animals. The one thing that baby rabbits need most is to be taught how to go to the bathroom. After each feeding, wet a q-tip with warm water, and gently stroke the rabbits genitals and anus until the rabbit has peed and pooped. Baby rabbits learn this from their mothers, who will lick them until they go, stimulating the correct muscles for going to the bathroom. When they start going to the bathroom on their own, you no longer need to do this for them.