How to Start a Search Engine?

How to start a search engine is not very difficult; however, time consuming and a lot of thought must go into it. The first thing you will need is a host for your search engine. There are many different companies that host and you can find them on the internet by doing a search for Web Hosting. Then, pick a memorable name for your search engine so people will remember it. This name can be used as your domain name if it’s available, so check it first. You will want to sign up with an account that allows you to be compensated for someone clicking on your website. Secure a search engine program that you will install on your server. If you are not a programmer, you may have to contract this out. After the above steps, you are ready to advertise your search engine and you can choose to do this through newspaper ads, press releases via the internet, or any other marketing that will get your website name out there. Good luck and have fun! For more information, look here: