How to Start a Newspaper?

The first step in starting a newspaper involves taking some statistical data and finding out exactly how may people would be interested in reading a new newspaper. Once you have done this, figure out what kind of newspaper you would like to publish and the things you want to write about. The second step in starting a newspaper is deciding if you want a full blown newspaper publishing business, and how often you would like for this to come out. The third step in starting a newspaper is to contact a local agency to obtain a business liscence,and to then gather all the necessary equipment and materials. The fourth step is to begin hiring writers and people to work for you if it is required. The fifth step is to contact local business and friends and encourage them to take out advertisements in your paper for extra funding. The sixth and final step is to get the word out about your published newspaper by placing it for free in various populated places such as shopping centers and malls.