How to Start a Essay?

To start an essay, you first need to turn off all outside distractions, and you will need to find a quiet and well lit place to work. It also helps to have a snack, and all of the materials that you will require sitting right next to you before you begin so that you are not distracted, and also so that you will not have to get up and get these things in the middle of your paper writing. The next step to starting an essay is to pick your topic. If you already have your topic, make sure that you understand your topic or assignment. Ask your instructor any questions you may have if you do not understand the assignment. Then, make an outline of what your essay will contain. This outline should include the topi, the thesis statement, your points that you would like to make within the paper, and finally, the conclusion. Make sure that your outline contains a beginning, middle and end. Next, write a rough draft of your paper, and follow your outline- which now serves as a guideline for you to follow. This guideline helps you to make sure that you do not stray off topic. The next step in starting the essay is to proofread your rough draft. Finally, once it is proofread,work on making a complete final draft.