How to Smoke Cheese?

Smoked cheese is really good, and is a great snack! And smoking cheese is actually quite easy. You will need some basic supplies, but most of these things you can find around the house. There is a smoking tool that you can order called a Grillkicker. This is basically a smoke generator that usually is used on a grill to smoke foods. These come in 9 flavors. The other supplies you will need are a brick of any cheese, a cardboard box, a cookie sheet, 2 cooling racks and about 4 empty soda cans.Take the soda cans and fill them 3/4 full and freeze When frozen, take a cookie sheet and place on a table in a well ventilated area. Place one cooling rack in the cookie sheet, and then place the soda cans and 2-4 Grillkicker cartridges also on the rack. Place the other cooling rack on top of the soda cans so it is secure and firmly held in place. Place the cheese on the top of the cooling rack, and light the first cartridge. Cover with the cardboard box and let it smoke. After 1/2 hour, light the second cartridge, replace the box, and smoke for 2 hours. Enjoy your cheese! You can find more information here: