How to Shoot a Rifle?

To take a riffle and filter it into a hobbie takes some very percise detail and safety course needed to be obtained. The first step is to go through a safty course. After that the first step is to decide whether you want to develope a hobbie in hunting or in marksmanship. If choosing marksmanship the three poses are prone, kneeling and standing. After develpoing confidence in those three area it is time to shoot with safety. Never point a rifle towards anyone. Always point it up at a fourth five degree angle or down range. Never shoot until instructed to do so by and instructor. Then take the CBI out of the rifle and insert a pellet inside the rifle. Aim down range, when the target is insight while looking through the eye piece and sight turn off the safety. After the safety is off precide to aim and then shoot. Immediatly turn the safety on and continue the steps again. This is how to shoot a rifle with safety.