How to Shift a Motorcycle?

First be familiar with all of the dynamics of your motorcycle. Motorcycles can have from 4 to 6 gears. You also need to know where the clutch is and the shift pedal. The clutch is typically found on the left handlebar and the shift pedal is usually at the foot pedal on the left side. To shift you must first start out with the motorcycle in neutral. To get the motorcycle in neutral you must pull the clutch in and put the shift pedal between 1st and 2nd gear. Now put the shift pedal in 1st gear (remember to keep the clutch pulled in while shifting the pedal). Once in 1st gear you will know begin to increase you RPM’s by rolling the throttle. As you roll the throttle slowly release the clutch and the motorcycle will begin to move. Once your RPM’s and speed increase you will need to change gears. To change gears remember to always pull the clutch in and put the shift pedal in the proper position. And remember safety id 1st.