How to Roller Set Hair?

Items needed: Magnetic hair roller (plastic with holes) various sizes. Large rollers lose curls more body, smaller rollers tighter long last curls. Setting lotion, a rat-tail comb (the one with the long handle that comes to a point) and hair clips. First you make a part on the side all the way to the nape of your neck. Twist the side section and hold in place with a clip or two. Do the same for the other side. You are left with a section of hair down the middle. Divide this in half.Starting at the middle part a section, comb to smooth and then slide the roller behind the hair to the end. Wind the roller down until you reach the scalp, hold in place with a roller clip. Continue moving forward until all the hair has been done. Then roll the back half. Sides: Divide into three section and put a clip on the two sections nearest the face. Roll the back side section, the the middle side section and the one nearest the face. Periodically spray with setting lotion to keep the hair wet. Repeat for other side.