How to Replace a Fuel Filter?

There are a number of answers to the question ‘how to replace a fuel filter’. Basically, you will need to first locate your fuel filter. Usually it is somewhere between the fuel tank and the engine. Follow your fuel lines from the tank up to the engine, on newer cars you can usually find it in the frame rail. On older cars with carburetors, the fuel filter is usually up near the carburetor. Once located, you will need to disconnect the clips on either end of the filter, and pull it from the fuel lines. Be prepared to have a little bit of fuel spilled on you. Once out, take your new filter and locate the arrow. This will be pointing the direction of fuel flow. The fuel will be flowing from the tank to the engine. Insert both ends of the filter back into the fuel lines, re-install the clips and you are done. For more details, check here: