How to Remove Mustard Stains?

Turmeric in mustard is what causes its yellow tint, and also is what causes the staining. I’m going to assume that you wish to remove the stains from a washable fabric, but if not, please see the website below to determine removal from other items. In order to achieve a ‘sparkly clean no dingy socks result’ for laundry here is what you will need to do. * A fresh stain, apply a spot remover (insert unnamed brand name here)* If stain is older and dried, scrape off as much of the material as possible. Rinse area with tepid water, apply a small amount of your preferred laundry detergent, then rinse again. Repeat a couple of times, if the stain is removed, toss the item in with your regular laundry. If the stain remains, proceed to the next step.*Soak item in a small amount of laundry soap and warm water, according to fabric directions. Let stand for several hours or even better for overnight. *Launder as usual. For more information see here: