How to Receive Unemployment?

In every state, you are entitled to receive unemployment benefits if you qualify. Each state sets eligibility requirements, typically, you must have been employed (as an employee) for a specified period of time and have earned a certain amount of money. The biggest qualifier is that you lost your job due to uncontrollable circumstances, i.e. layoff. You are not eligible if you simply quit or you were fired for wrongful conduct (e.g. you were stealing from the company). To determine your eligibility, you should apply in person at your local Department of Labor office. After you have completed the process, you will ‘certify’ each week to receive your weekly benefits. Certification can be done on the phone or online. You can receive the funds via a mailed check or direct deposit. In the meantime, you may also have to show that you are actively seeking employment and may have to attend training sessions to aid your search.You can find more information here: