How to Put Together a Computer?

In order to build a computer decide on its useage, games, desktop publishing, high-end graphics. The components needed are: Case (ATX) tower, mid or mini tower. Motherboard: these come in various price ranges from $60 -$1200 or more. I do not recommend a built in processor because you can not upgrade. Processor (match with board), Memory (match with motherboard) hard drive (sata or IDE), CD/DVD burner, keyboard, mouse monitor and speakers (optional) Attach the board to the case, and anchor with screws, connect the case wires to appropriate connections on board (refer to wiring diagram that comes with motherboard) insert memory into slots. (if using only 1 stick of memory locate slot 1) inidcated on board. Insert hard drive and mount with screws, attacch IDE or SATA to board and hard drive, Repeat for CD/DVD. Close it up. plug it up and insert operating system CD. If all is connected correctly windows installation should begin. To find more information click here: