How to Prevent Drug Abuse?

Preventing drug abuse is a very difficult thing, considering there are no prerequisites for what makes a person a drug abuser. Drug abusers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds, and don’t walk around with a sign on them that says ‘Future Drug Addict’. However, to protect your family and loved ones, especially your children or grandchildren from having difficulty, a few easy to follow guidelines can be implemented. Never leave pill bottles anywhere children or teenagers can get at them. Don’t think simply because it is out of sight, that they wont find it. Invest in a small fireproof lock box from your local store, and keep them locked inside and the box hidden under your bed or in your closet on a shelf. This protects your children and family members from curiosity, as well as from accidentally taking something they shouldn’t be taking. Counting your pills once a week can also tell you if something is happening to them, know how many you take a day, and how many there are, and never second guess yourself. If you feel some are missing, then they probably are. The final thing you can do, is talk with your kids. Have a sit down, friendly, adult conversation with them about drugs, and how easily they can be snared by them, and how to avoid them when they come face to face with them.