How to Potty Train a Child?

Potty training a child is easiest when he or she is ready. Usually this is somewhere between 2 and 3 years of age, but may be a bit earlier too. Signs that your child is ready to start potty training are that he/she sleeps through the night without wetting a diaper and that he/she is beginning to show interest in using the potty. You can start off by utilizing some of the disposable potty training pants on the market. There are both brand name and store brands available. You can also get a few pairs of cloth training pants to use at home, where accidents won’t be as disastrous. Cloth training pants absorb less, so they make a stronger statement to child when they are wet or soiled. Take your child the potty regularly in the beginning, don’t wait for them to tell you they need to go, as they may not be able to tell at first. You might want to invest in a potty chair or a potty ring which fits over the regular toilet seat. With time, and patience, your child will become potty trained. It is very rarely a failure if you make sure your child is ready first.