How to Play Dominoes?

I used to play with dominoes as a child, stacking them up in piles and sorting them by number, but it wasn’t until I was older that I learned how to play dominoes. It was surprising to me how easy the game is to play. First you turn all dominoes over so you cannot see the dots and shuffle or mix them up well. Then, you and your opponent each pick out 7 tiles, not showing them to the other player, but setting them on edge so you can see them. The player with the highest double domino gets to go first. After placing the first domino, the other person will attempt to match by placing a matching number end to end with the other domino, for example if the first player placed a double six, the other player could choose a domino that has a 6 on one side and anything on the other and places the 6 end toward the other 6. Whatever numbers end up sticking on the outside must be matched. If they cannot be matched by what a player has in their set, they must draw a tile from the ones left unturned. When a player runs out of tiles they have won that match. Dots are counted on the opponents left over tiles and those are awarded to the winner. Play stops when you have reached 50 points for only two players or 100 points for three or more players. Look here for more information: