How to Plan a Budget?

How to plan a budget is pretty easy. A budget is simply a list of your expenses and income, along with a desire to at least break even. Start by tracking your spending for a month. Don’t write down what you think you’ll spend, but what you actually spend. Keep track of everything–if you stop every day to get $20 out of the ATM, make sure that you are noting those $2 ATM fees. If you go to a $2 ATM every day, that’s $60 a month. At the end of the month, take note of where you spent too much. Think of ways to save money. If you tend to buy junk food and snacks at the carryout, think of buying snacks in bulk at the grocery store, then packing your chips or cookies in plastic baggies for lunch. Remember the old saying: Mind your pennies and the pounds (or dollars) will mind themselves.