How to Paint a Vehicle?

When painting your car there are a several easy steps to follow. Step 1: Wash your car thoroughly making sure to get all dirt grime and grease off the vehicle. Step 2: Sand down the car being careful to remove all rough areas. Step 3: prep the car for painting, making sure to thoroughly dry the car and tape off all areas that aren’t going to be painted. Step 4: Apply primer to any area that paint will be applied to this allows the paint to adhere extremely well. Step 5: Paint the vehicle with a urethane based paint and preferably a spray gun, making sure to let the paint dry for at least 30 minutes between coats. Step 6: Apply the clear coat,after your paint has completely dried apply up to 3 coats of clear coat to the vehicle allowing 15 minutes to dry between each. After following these simple directions you should have a very nice paint job.