How to Make Stain Glass Windows?

To make stained glass windows, you first need to measure the window you’re wanting to replace with stained glass. Next, buy a pattern from a stained glass supplier and size it to fit your window. Pick out the glass you want to use and trace the pattern onto the glass allowing room for the lead or solder between each piece. Cut lead channeling to fit each piece and lay all the pieces out on a table like a big puzzle. When you are sure you have a tight fit with all the pieces of glass and lead, then you’ll need to solder the seams and joints to keep the glass from moving. The final step is to put lead around the outside perimeter of your stained glass and solder it as well. The best thing to do if you have never worked with stained glass is to take a class. You need to learn the basics before you attempt a window. For more information, look here: