How to Make Potato Guns?

To make your potato gun you will need a few items. they are: 2 ft of 2′ diameter (dia) PVC pipe, 1 ft of 3′ dia PVC pipe, 1 screw off end cap for 3′ pipe, slip to threaded 3′ fitting, 3′ to 2′ reducer, PVC cement, 1 BBQ grill ignitor, 2 drywall screws, hairspray and plenty of potatoes. Cut the pipes to the correct lengths. Glue the barrel and the chamber to the reducer. Close off the end of the chamber withe the fitting and screw on the end cap. Screw the drywall screws through the sides of the combustion chamber to there is about 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch gap. Connect the sparrker to the drywall screw and make sure it fires properly. If no spark fires move screws closer and re-test. Bevel the end of the barrel so that the poptao will be cut to size when it is loaded. You can use a Dremel too or a file for this. Let the cement dry for about an hour and fire away! You can find more information here: