How to Make Paper Airplanes That Fly Far?

Step 1: Start with your ordinary sheet of copy paper. The exact size isn’t that important, It should be rectangle not square. Fold over the top left hand corner to make a point on the right side and fold it back to crease. Do the same with the right side to make a crease. Now the creases you’ve made should look like an X.Step 2: Carefully close both sides in to make it look like there is a triangle on top of a small rectangle. Then fold down the center line to crease.Step 3: Fold resulting left hand tip up to the top point of the triangle, and fold the right side to the top as well.Step 4: Fold the left point down to the bottom of what looks like a diamond, and do the same with the opposite side. Bend the bottom left edge to the center line. Mirror the same fold with on the right side.Step 5: Bend the bottom left edge to the center line. Mirror the same fold with on the right side.Here’s the hard part, trying to explain these difficult steps, so you must follow the images that I have provided very carefully.Step 6: Crease the wing as shown. Then either moisten the crease with your tounque and tear it off, or cut it off with scissors. Don’t throw the scrap piece away because you will need it to make the tailStep 7: To make the tail get the scrap piece of paper and make a crease right down the middle. Tear or cut a slip to make control surfaces as shown in the picture. Fold the wings in half.Step 8: Fold the right wing down as shown. Fold it carefully to angle this fold so the leading edge of the wing is slightly higher than the trailing edge. Fold the left wing down Just as well. Bend the wingtips up and insert the tail into the slot under the wing. Then your finally finished at last.