How to Make Moonshine At Home?

Drill a hole in the crock pot lid. Feed one end of the copper tubing into the pot via the hole in the lid. Tightly fasten the plastic top to the milk bottle. Carve out a large hole to be used for feeding ice into the container. Puncture the bottle top and feed the tubing into the bottle, then out the side of the bottle, approx. 2 inches from the bottom. Feed the end of the tubing into the jug in which you plan to keep your homemade brew. When all the tubing is distributed between the three vessels, use waterproof seal to fill gaps around the tubing where it feeds into both lids. Blow into the tubing to make certain there are no obstructions, then fill the steamer or crock pot with the ingredients from one of the recipes found on the website listed at the bottom. Fill around 2/3 of the milk bottle with ice cubes. Cook the blend between 173 and 200 degrees F. Once it begins flowing into the jug, Get rid of the first few ounces to avoid ingesting impurities the still produces when it begins to brew. Keep adding ice to the bottle throughout the distilling process so the plastic doesn’t melt. Sample the brew often to see the taste and quality. When the brew is cool, use a sandwich of charcoal between paper coffee filters arranged in a large strainer to purify the liquor.