How to Make Hot Tamales?

These are hot, hot, hot, hot (i mean good)! Start by cooking pork roast (about 6-8 lbs.) and chicken (about 6 lbs.) until both can be easily shredded (boil for hours saving broth). Mix together the following spices: 2 Tbs salt, 1 Tbs black pepper, 3 Tbs ground cumin, 3 Tbs garlic powder, 6 Tbs chili powder, and then add 1/2 cup corn oil. Thoroughly combine into the meat mixture. In a separate bowl add the following ingredients to two pounds of corn masa mix (Masa Flour): 3 Tbs paprika, 3 Tbs. salt, 1 Tbs. cumin seeds, 3 Tbs. chili powder, and 3 Tbs. garlic powder. Now add 2 cups corn oil to the mixture and 2 quarts of chicken and pork broth mixed ( you want your mixture to be rather thick but spreadable). Soak real corn shucks in water about two hours then smear dough onto corn shucks (leave a little space on the side and top of shuck uncovered with dough for folding purposes). Add meat to the top of the spread on the shucks and roll up then fold over part of the shuck that had no spread. Place on counter with the fold facing down. Now, pack rolled tamales tightly in an upright position with the fold side down into a steamer (they should never touch the water). Steam for about two hours (remember to check water levels often). Remove one tamale and test for doneness (should be no raw mesa). Now chow down on that delicious creation of yours!