How to Make Hard Candy?

The basic hard candy recipe is sugar, water, light corn syrup and flavorings. Of course favorable weather conditions, rainy days are not good for making candy, because sugar attracts moisture. A clear dry day is better. You also, will need proper cooking equipment. A heavy bottom saucepan with straight sides, wooden spoon, pastry brush and a candy thermometer. Using fresh ingredients is better as well. Bring sugar, water, and corn syrup to a boil, cover for 5 minutes so sugar crystals don’t form, You use the pastry brush to wash down any crystals that do form. Put in the candy thermometer until it reaches 300 degrees, remove from heat and let stand until the bubbles calm down. Add your flavoring, mix just to incorporate and don’t stir too much. Pour into your molds and now you have your own hard candy.