How to Make Fuel?

Fueling up will never be the same when you learn how to make your own. A fuel called biodiesel can be created with the correct machinery (a biodiesel processor) and a few other ingredients. Waste cooking oil, methanol, or lye can be used to create this alternative fuel source. To make a small batch at home: measure out about 5 grams of lye and mix with about 225 ml of methanol in a glass jar. Place jar lid on and swirl until dissolved (dangerous solution – be careful)! Heat one liter of vegetable oil to about 130 degrees. Add heated oil to a 2 liter glass or plastic bottle pour in the lye and methanol solution cap off bottle and shake about 5 min. Let solution set overnight and two layers will form, a glycerin layer on the bottom and fuel on the top. There you have it homemade fuel! For more information, look here: