How to Make Fragrance Oil?

The first step in making a good fragrance oil, is to begin with a good base oil. Economically, canola oil, peanut oil, safflower oils and almond oil a base oils.Olive oil is also a good base oil to use. On a more expensive note, use oils that have other beneficial properties such as jojoba oil, arnica oil, and grapeseed oil, to name a few. Now use your imagination to choose the scented oils that you will add as your fragrance. Store such as Whole Foods or The Body Shop sell wide varieties of scented oils, such as ‘musk’, which comes in several variations.Next find the type of containers you will use, next using a funnel add your fragrance to your base oil, small drops at a time using a eyedropper. One drop at a time will help to ensure that you do not use too much of the fragrance oil Once satisfied with the scent of your oil, begin the infusion process.This means to put the lid on tightly, set your containers of oil aside in a dark place for a few days,allowing the mixture to ‘mature’ and reach its full strength.This also gives the two oils time to mix together. After the two oils combine completely your oil is ready for use.