How to Make Flash Cartoons?

Draw a character using one or several of Flash’s drawing tools. Use the paint to fill tool to add color to each section of the characters design. Break your character into components and save each section as a separate library symbol. Use your original characters mouth as a basis to draw a couple different open mouth variations. Save each unique mouth drawing as a different symbol. Create a new movie clip symbol and place your original mouth in frame one. Insert a new keyframe in frame two and place your first open mouth variation symbol into it. Play the movie clip symbol and adjust the number of frames between each mouth drawing to achieve the desired speed and look of your moving mouth. Return to the movie stage and reassemble your character by placing each segment on a different layer. Place your mouth movie clip on the character rather than the static mouth image. Use text boxes or audio to the stage to give a voice your character. Run the movie and your character will mouth along to the speech you have provided.