How to Make Colloidal Silver?

Make sure everything is clean event the coins. Clip the DC connector plug off the end of the transformer wire, leaving the wall plug wire intact. Only working on the cut wire, separate the wires and strips 1 inch of the insulation off, being careful not to damage them. Connect each bare wire to an alligator clip, and crimp or solder them to secure them in place. Find 2 pure silver electrodes, which in this case are your Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. Clamp the clean coins to opposite sides of the glass jar, with the alligator clamps. Run the tubing to the bottom of the jar and then fill it with 8oz. of distilled water up till the bottom of the clips. Make sure the metal on the clamp is well above the water, because you only want the coins to be all the way in the water. Plug the transformer and the oxygenation unit into electrical outlets, and let the water bubble for about 5 hours. Unplug the units, remove the coins, thoroughly clean off the residue and store them until you need them for making silver again. Purify it more by siphoning it into your storage bottle with the tubing instead of just puring it in.