How to Make Coconut Oil?

Did you know that by eating one uncooked coconut, is the same as taking 3-4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil. Just sharing! Anyway, here it is…to make cold pressed, cold processed, and under no circumstances no heat ‘virgin coconut oil’,we must first select fresh and mature quality coconuts, split them and collect the coconut water, use white nylon mesh to bag the coconut meat.Next,If you have a ‘cold press machine, place the bag in it, if not then we can hand press using gloves, and collect the coconut ‘milk’. For 10-17 hours the milk has to settle in a cabinet 32 degress C. At which time the coconut oil will naturally separate from water and proteins.Use caution in collecting and filtering the oil, making sure the oil doesn’t mix with the bottom layer water. Question? What do you do with your coconut oil?