How to Make Canopic Jars?

Canopic jars were used in Egypt to hold the internal organs of a person that was being mummified. To make canopic jars you will need some materials and those are: clay, a cup or jar the size you want your canopic jar, tape, paintbrushes, and paint. Colors that are popular for canopic jars are gold, black, white, and olive or sage green. Apply the tape to the outside of the cup or jar. Roll out the clay. Apply the clay to the outside of the cup or jar, covering the entire cup or jar, then let it dry. You will be able to see when the clay is dry as the color changes to a lighter color. Cut out a circle of clay that will be used for the lid. Form the head that you would like directly on the circle. If using a jar, cover the lid with clay and place the directly on the lid. Allow this to dry. Once everything is dry, paint your canopic jar. You can find more information here: