How to Make Candle Tarts?

Making Candle tarts or melts are quite easy! first you will need 2 old pots (one smaller, &one; larger), a candy thermometer, a mold to pour the wax into (Mini Muffin pan etc), fire exstinguisher (just incase), and lastly a few drops of a oil fragrance of your choice. Next fill the larger pot with app. 1/4 cup of water and set on medium heat. While its heating, chip or break off pieces of an older candle, that has no more burn life to it. (remove wick, and all other objects) Put the candle chunks in to the smaller pot, and then set in to larger pot. Allow to melt completely, stirring frequently. Allow the wax to reach 180 degrees, and no more than that. Once your wac is melted, put in a few drops of the oil of your choice for a nice fragrence. Poor in to mold and allow to cool which usually takes 12 hrs. Too speed up the process, put in to freezer for app. 30 mins. Now you have your own Candle Tart!!