How to Make Apple Wine?

The best recipe to make apple wine calls for twenty four windfall apples or a mixed variety of apples, three to six pounds of granulated sugar, one gallon of water, one tsp of pectic enzyme, and yeast. Chop all of the apples into small pieces or chunks. Then, take the apples and put them into a fermenting vessel. Add the enzyme to the apples as well as the water so that the water covers the mixture in th container. After twenty four hours, add the yeast to the mixture and then keep them covered for seven to ten days. When the fermentation subsides, strain the mixture. Then add the three to six pounds of sugar or a pound of sugar per gallon of water added. Put the mixture into a second fermenting vessel and keep it air tight for the next thre months. Do not taste the wine until after 6 months of fermentation. One year has the best results.