How to Make Apple Cider At Home?

Apple cider making dates back hundreds of years and is part of the American heritage.You’ll find pride in your homemade apple cider.Remember to always use safe food handling practices in the kitchen.You will want to have a balance of sweet and tart apples to balance out the flavor of the cider. The best apples to use are Red and yellow delicious, Granny smith, Jonathan and Gala apples. If you like your cider more on the sweet side use 3 sweet apple to 1 tart apple. Vise versa for tart cider.How to make ciderStep 1: Prepare and wash apples.Step 2: Chop apples, The finer the apples are chopped the more juice you will be able to press out. You may chop your apples by using a blender, food processor or by hand with a kitchen knife.Step 3: Gather chopped apples and place into a cheese cloth. Twist top of cheese cloth over bowl and squeeze the apples to release the juice into the bowl. Discard chopped apples after all the juice is rendered out.Step 4: Transfer cider into pitcher and store in your refriderator for 5 to 10 days.Apple cider can last up to one year when frozen