How to Make a Ziggurat?

The Babylonians used mud bricks to make their ziggurat. A replica can be made with the following materials: Sugar cubes, white glue, disposable lid or cup, small old paint brush, piece of sturdy cardboard or wood (for base), and felt tip markers (optional). You will first need to decide how big you want your ziggurat. The glue needs to be applied to the sugar cubes and then apply them to the cardboard/wood base. This is done for all tiers of the ziggurat. Once the ziggurat is finished to the top you can decorate it with felt tip markers. One discovered ziggurat is believed to have a white base, with each row colored differently (black, red, blue, orange, silver, gold). Congratulations on constructing your very own ziggurat…just don’t try eating eat! You can find more information here: