How to make a wrist corsage ?

Things You’ll Need: Hot glue Refrigerator, for storing the flowers and corsages 2½-inch width, lightweight, silk ribbon Fresh flowers Step 1: Order fresh flowers from your florist to arrive the day of or day before you plan to use them. Step 2: Search for 2½-inch width, lightweight, silk ribbon (satin and wired ribbon don’t work as well, they tend to be too heavy and come untied). Look at craft stores or online (type the keyword “silk ribbon’,). Plan to use about 26–28 inches of ribbon per corsage, depending on the ribbon. Step 3: Store the gardenias in your refrigerator until use. Step 4: On the day of the dinner party: Clip the stem of the flower so it will lie as flat as possible. Apply hot glue to the ribbon. Be careful not to touch the petals of the flower too much. Store the corsages in the refrigerator or a cool place until just before guest arrival. Step 5: Display the corsages on a tray with a framed card inviting guests to wear them. Or, enlist the help of a friend to greet guests and help them tie on the corsages.