How to Make a Water Level?

All you will need to make a water level is a bucket and length of hose. Cut a hole, 2 inches from the bottom of the bucket, slightly smaller than the hose. Slice the end of the hose to make it easier to push through the hole, pull hose tight and fill with water. To use the water level, place the filled bucket on a stool or bench, place the hose against the house or a pole and mark the water line, repeat this step for every post needed, and you will have the starting level line (datum). When measuring for a deck for instance, mark the required height on the house, then measure the same distance up from the datum. To level a section of hill or incline, hold the hose against a piece of rod at the top of the hill, mark the water line, then go down the hill and do the same. You’ll have 2 marks on the rod, the distance between the 2 is how deep you must dig to create a level area.