How to Make a Scarecrow?

Scarecrows can be really fun to make and they are also a fairly inexpensive holiday decorations. What I love about the scarecrow the most is that no two are ever alike and you can decorate with them from September right through Thanksgiving. When making a scarecrow the most important part is getting the straw or the filling. You can usually get this at your local farm supply store or you can find it at a craft store. Find some old clothes in your husband, father or boyfriends closet such as jeans, a flannel shirt amd maybe an old hat. Stuff the clothes with the straw until the scarecrow takes shape. For the head you can make a ball out of the straw and tie it off with some twine. Add buttons for the eyes and a carrot for the nose and your scarecrow should be complete. Use your imagination when decorating, the possibilities are endless. Place your scarecrow in an old chair or tie him up to a tree or if you want you can attach a strong pole through the back of his clothes and stake him out in the yard or garden. the birds will stay away but people won’t!