How to Make a Philly Cheese Steak?

Here is how you make a philly chese steak: 1. Start with good beef. Pat’s uses sliced rib-eye. Jim’s uses USDA choice top round western steer beef.2. Shave the beef very thin so it cooks quickly and remains tender.3. Use a fresh high quality Italian roll – Amoroso’s is a favorite.4. Decide if you want your steak with or without fried onions.5. Decide if you want a steak or a cheesesteak. If you elect a cheesesteak you need to decide on American cheese, provolone or the Philly favorite ‘cheez whiz.’6. Any add-ons? Mushrooms, peppers, pizza sauce, tomatoes? You decide.It’s your sandwich.7. Start to cook. Saut’ the onions, peppers and mushrooms until soft.8. Fry your steak until brown but not crispy or burned. You can mix in the fried vegetables now or add them at the end.9. If you elect American cheese or provolone place the cheese on the meat until slightly melted. If you choose Cheez Whiz just smear it on the roll.10. Place the roll over the meat/cheese/vegetables and scoop it into the sandwich.11. Garnish your sandwich with pizza sauce, hot or sweet peppers or pickles as you choose.Viola u have successfully made a philly chese steak. Here are a couple tips for the best results: tip 1. Using the best beef available is the key.2. Don’t overcook the ingredients.That’s all! To find out where you can find this information go to