How to Make a Pen Shooter?

To make a pen shooter you will need to pull the writing end and the little plug off of the pen. Next you will need to have a rubber band and have it crossed across the pen. Make sure the rubber band is only about an inch and a half away from the firing end when fully stretched. Step 3 will involve tying the rubber band to the pen casing with a string. The amount of string you use will affect the firing in different ways, so experiment. Be sure to tie the string at the end so it won’t come loose. You use the ink cartridge as ammo, so you will want to load it into the wide end of the pen so that the writing tip goes in last. Let it slide all the way to the bottom. Finally, grab the rubber band and the ink cartridge together. You will won’t to pull it back, but be careful of the string. After pulling it back just simply release, the cartridge should fly 30 feet!