How to Make a Paper Balloon?

Wow what creative desires! To make a paper balloon you will need to cut thirteen gores resembling the shape of a daisy petal. The gores should be one-third longer than the anticipated height of your balloon. The widest part of the gore should be slightly over the halfway mark from bottom to top. Divide the widest part of your gore into thirds to get the width of the bottom of the gore. Attach all gores together with any paste slightly overlapping each gore (finished model should appear to be a hot air balloon). Place a hoop in the opening (something of light construction such as wire or wood). Attach cross wires to hoop. Make a ball of wick to be attached to the cross wires. Build a fire within a structure that has a chimney. Place the balloon’s hoop over the chimney (holding the paper so it doesn’t catch fire) until it is blown up with the hot air from the fire. Drench the wick ball in fuel then attach to the balloon’s cross wires and light it. Ta Da…you’ve created a flying masterpiece! To find more information click here: