How to Make a Media Kit?

To create a media kit requires a few tips and a bit of dedication. First off, you have to describe your product, service you provide, or event you are sponsoring concisely. Make sure you answer the ‘who what where when why and how’ and make sure it’s eye catching and interesting. Secondly, provide info for what you are ‘selling’.. facts, background info, and if applicable, info on all people involved. Make sure the fact part is separated by bullets to make them more obvious.Also include a photo of yourself. You need to be recognized for your work, and it doesn’t hurt to get your gorgeous mug out there. If you have any previous press or media attention because of this current venture, be sure to include it in your kit. People need to know this is available and that others have expressed interest in it. A Q&A; section would be helpful, but not necessary. Remember, if it isn’t newsworthy, it won’t get published. Make it sharp and attentive. (And take a good pic your mom would be proud of!)Good luck!