How to Make a Marshmallow Shooter?

To make a marshmallow shooter you will need: 22 inches of 1/2 inch PVC pipe, 2 end caps, 2 3-way junctions, and 2 elbows. Next you will want to take a hacksaw and cut 1 piece 7 inches long and 5 pieces 3 inches long. Next you will want to assemble your pieces so they resemble a gun. Take 1 of the 3 inch pieces, put a cap on the bottom of it and an elbow at the top. Next add another 3 inch piece to the other side of the elbow. Now add a 3 way by connecting it so that the single hole is at the top. At the top add one more 3 inch piece, then on top of it add the other elbow so it is facing you. (You will later blow through this to shoot your marshmallow.) Now go back down to the 3 way, add another 3 inch piece of pipe and then the other 3 way, this time with the single end facing down. Add your final 3 inch piece of pipe to the bottom, single part of that 3 way and cap it. This forms another handle. Finally you will finish the barrel of your marshmallow shooter by adding the 7 inch piece of pipe. To test your shooter, load your marshmallow, aim, and blow. For more information see here: