How to Make a Chinese Lantern?

Making a Chinese lantern is a great craft project for kids as well as grown ups. You will need colored construction paper, glue or tape, scissors and some decorative items like small pebbles, colored stones, glitter or anything of that nature. The first thing you want to do is take a piece of the construction paper and fold it in half length wise making a long thin rectangle. From the folded side, start making some cuts with scissors starting about an inch from the bottom and stopping before you hit the open end of the paper. When you open your paper up you should have a rectangle with some slashes throughout the middle. Meet the 2 short end of the paper together to form a circle and either glue or tape them together to form the lantern. Make a handle for the lantern by cutting a strip from another piece of paper and gluing it to the top of the lantern. Decorate your lantern the way you want with the items you have. Let it dry for a few minutes and hang it up.