How to Make a Box Kite?

Step 1: Acquire a piece of dry bamboo wood and cut 6 pieces of thin but not too flimsy strips 3ft tall from it. It must be able to withstand strong winds without bending or breaking but still light enough for the kite to fly.* Cut another 16 pieces of strips 1 ½ feet tall.All pieces of stick must be of the same thickness E.g. (¼ inch) for neatness. You must now have 22 pieces total.Step 2: Start making a rectangular cube by connecting 4 pieces of the 3 feet strips together with the 1 ½ feet strips at each ends to form a rectangular cube. See Image.Step 3: Now tie the other 1 ½ feet pieces on the inside in the same manner, both top and bottom as you did the first lot, only this time place them Approximately 9 inches apart top &, bottom. See image.Step 4: Place another 3 feet piece of strip diagonally through and across the center of the kite protruding on the left and right side in an even manner to form a wing. Tie a piece of cord at (A) to (C), through (B) &, (D) to (F) through (E). See image.Step 5: Take the last piece of 3 feet strip and do the same as step 4 but this time place it at an opposite angle to (E, B) so that it form an (X) in the center of the kite. This will help to support the kite against strong winds.Clip the ends ‘€“ do not form a wing as in Step 4 ok.Step 6: Go ahead and paste on the paper, plastic of your choice on the areas selected in the diagram. They can be in any color of your choice.Now, let’s make the Bridle, I prefer to call it LOOPS or Navigating mechanism but it really doesn’t matter as long as we do it right. Make the knots as you would prefer to. After all it’s your kite. Make a loop from (G) to (H) &, Tie a knot at just a little above the center of the loop to form (I).